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Heating applications vary greatly in the industrial sector. But what happens when you are faced with finding the right heater for an existing challenge, or you need to replace a heater that was not an optimal fit for your current system?. The first step when considering a heater for an existing problem is a step back. Assess the big picture regarding your application and system needs, then you can begin to focus on a few crucial elements that will lead you to the ideal heating solution.

02 Feb 2022

Widely used on semiconductor production equipment, Watlow® silicone rubber heaters are versatile enough and can be customized to meet the exact needs for industries such as, foodservice equipment, medical technology and more.

04 Jan 2022

Whether to replace your industrial heater or upgrade an existing system requires confronting questions about regulatory requirements, operating environment and other factors, our experts are available to guide you through the process step-by-step to find the best solution for your unique needs.

21 Dec 2021

Power controllers are available in conventional or smart variants. Smart controllers are devices that enhance conventional capabilities and designs. These are made to resolve new challenges that may occur within an advanced control system. Continue reading.

By Sean Wilkinson | 16 Dec 2021

As the demand for energy increases, industrial systems are growing. Whether the need is petroleum, natural gas or other sources to generate electricity. As heaters grow in size and power controllers become larger, the thirst for more energy sources will only grow. Likewise, 10 years ago, Watlow’s most powerful power controller switched 500 amps. Today, the ASPYRE® DT SCR power controller can handle an incredible 2,100 amps.

By Watlow | 12 Nov 2021

SCR power controllers are designed to deliver the energy needed to maintain a steady, stable temperature in a heater.With these devices, the firing method is an important decision to ensure your system operates properly for years to come. This article examines the differences between zero cross and phase-angle firing.

12 Nov 2021

Multiple methods are available to customers when replacing an electric process heater, whether it was produced by Watlow® or someone else. This article is meant to provide a general summary of the process of retrofitting an existing electric process heater that can be applied across industries.

09 Nov 2021

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing an enclosure for your electric process heater. Whether your company is purchasing a process heater for the first time or trying to find a better enclosure for your current system.

09 Nov 2021

Integrating sensors into the design and thinking about sensors early in the development process allows you to place the right sensors in the right location, and it’s not only a safety concern but can have a real impact on the efficiency and productivity of your process and, ultimately, revenue.

29 Oct 2021

Heater systems have several safety controls built in to protect workers, devices and materials. High-limit sensors, or safety sensors, are one of these types of devices. Such sensors prevent runaway situations in which a switch does not turn off a heater and it continues heating after reaching the desired temperature.These can be dangerous situations that lead to damaged materials and devices or a fire that could injure employees and damage property.

29 Oct 2021

As computational technology has advanced, the role of the ever-dependable Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller has come into question. Processes have advanced and become more demanding, leading to the adoption of emerging solutions. Explore how PID controllers can be the right solution for various situations, while improving processes efficiency.

19 Oct 2021

Eliminate much of the complexity and cost of having several devices to ensure continuous operations and efficient performance, with Watlow’s user-friendly F4T® temperature and process controller. Learn more

By Admin | 06 Oct 2021

The goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement are now playing out, with companies and governments making drastic changes to hit its ambitious targets. Explore how innovative technologies have solved many challenges by implementing electric process heating.

05 Oct 2021

Explore how innovative technologies are solving specific problems that have barred progress to cleaner products and processes.

30 Sep 2021

Temperature, process and power controllers have become highly sophisticated devices. Essential to thermal system operation and running a seamless process, controllers are communication tools capable of monitoring systems, switching power, logging and recording data and enforcing safety limits. But not all controllers are equal, and not all controllers speak the same language.

By Admin | 24 May 2021