WHITE PAPER: Understanding the Value of Arc Flash Management and Mitigation for Large Electric Process Heaters

By:  - April 11, 2022  


While larger voltage process heaters are relatively new  in hydrocarbon processing, the safety issues surrounding medium-voltage equipment are well known. Arc flash events are a prime example of a rare but potentially deadly situation that can be mitigated with the right technology. As process heaters become a popular alternative for larger applications that have historically utilized gas-fired heaters, it is important to look at the ways in which they incorporate arc flash mitigation features. 

When medium- or high-voltage equipment is used for industrial applications, it carries with it certain risks. Arc flash is an example of a well-known electrical risk that requires certain best practices to be followed to minimize damaged and injury. When a new piece of medium-voltage equipment is developed, special attention should be given to such risks. This is certainly the case for large electric process heaters, which are becoming more popular in hydrocarbon processing applications. 

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