RMA PLUS™ - Recommendations When Using the Profile Engine

By: Admin - November 11, 2020  

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The Watlow EZ-ZONE® RMA PLUS™ is a remote access module that allows real-time communication in a power and temperature controllers system. This communication device offers many improvements over the legacy RMA. However, when using the profile engine to control your heating products and connect your entire system, it is important to follow these recommendations.

Profile engine compatibility

Using the profile engine to perform a ramp soak allows you to automatically change the set point of the heating products system over time. However, this isn’t supported by the RMAP.

It is recommended to use the legacy Watlow RMA device if you’re using legacy power and temperature controllers that use the ramp soak profile engine feature. This prevents communication and performance errors. The RMAP device offers many ways to monitor and control your system but can encounter performance difficulties when attempting to operate this specific legacy profile.

Using the profile engine with a legacy RMA device

The profile engine goes into the Rail Mount Control module. It’s the only module in this specific series that is compatible with the profile. The best way to use the ramp soak feature of this is to continue to use a legacy RMA device that supports the feature. This helps promote accurate communication between the PID controller, thermocouple, power and temperature controllers and heating products in your system.