New Watlow® FLUENT® Dual Voltage Heaters

By:  - August 21, 2020  

fluent in-line heater

Watlow® FLUENT® in-line heaters now feature dual voltage capabilities to expand your installation and performance options. Get the most out of your power and temperature controllers by installing a lightweight, high-wattage heater in your industrial, medical or process heating application. Learn more about these innovative heaters and how dual voltage changes the way you can utilize this product.

Versatile installation and performance

A dual voltage capability allows heating products to accept more than one type of voltage. This can be 110V and 220V or another dual voltage combination. Previously, FLUENT heaters were limited to a specified voltage requiring additional SKUs if different power levels were required. The same heaters can now be used through your facility regardless of what voltage is available to quickly and accurately heat your liquid, air, gas or other material as a single, integrated system.

Running 240V wiring or installing step-down transformers to select locations can be a costly renovation project. Depending on your facility needs, this may be a time-consuming task for your in-house installation team or for an electrical contractor. Simply install your heater with a dual voltage to whatever voltages are available to prevent costly facility upgrades.

The new FLUENT heaters also reduce the risk of leakage current. Leakage current can reduce system performance and even become a safety hazard for operators. These heaters are designed to be safer for use in medical or other applications where leakage current represents a threat to human life. 

Dynamic thermal spray technology

The patented dynamic thermal spray technology, which is the core heating technology driving a FLUENT heater, delivers consistent and reliable thermal energy when needed. Despite the compact size of this in-line heater, it is capable of delivering maximum heat and improved temperature uniformity across its entire surface.

Replace your existing immersion heater or heater wrap to decrease the size and complexity of your heating system without compromising on efficiency, performance or control.

Lightweight, robust heating

When you compare FLUENT heaters with cast-in or circulation heaters, you can enjoy up to 95% reduced weight and size. Other heating technologies require more weight and equipment, which can increase the risk breakdowns or more frequent maintenance intervals.

Suitable for medical use

OEMs and design engineers need versatile heating solutions. A dual voltage in-line heater from Watlow is ideal for several applications, including medical use. Some examples of how FLUENT heaters can be used include:

·  Carrier gas heating and gas purging

·  Hemodialysis fluid heating

·  On-demand heating of fluids

These and other essential applications take advantage of the accuracy of Watlow’s patented circuit patterning process, which creates FLUENT heaters that deliver repeatable, customizable and precise heating profiles. FLUENT heaters allow you to take charge of the full power distribution to avoid inefficiencies and errors in your heating processes.

Learn more about FLUENT in-line heaters

FLUENT heaters come in a wide range of sizes, diameters and inlet/outlet dimensions, so you can customize one to fit your specific application. Adjust the voltage needed, heat output and physical dimensions of your FLUENT heater to configure a solution that replaces your existing, outdated immersion system.

Request a quote today to see how you can get the most out of your heating process. Replace worn-out heating products and do not let less-than-ideal voltage prevent you from achieving optimal performance from your thermal system. You can also work with our VISUAL DESIGNER™ today to quickly configure a FLUENT heater to meet your specific requirements.

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