Introducing the New ASPYRE DT – Now Up to 2100 Amps

By:  - June 02, 2020  

aspyre smart scr power controller

Take your heat control system to the next level with the latest Watlow power and temperature controllers. We’re proud to introduce our new ASPYRE DT SCR controller line. Explore the newest model types available from Watlow and see how a robust SCR controller can keep your heating systems at the forefront of your industry.

New models available with improved amps

Power and control your heating applications with our new and improved ASPYRE DT. Our newest line of SCR controllers includes the following expanded amperage options for your industrial purposes:

  • -800 amps
  • -1100 amps
  • -1400 amps
  • -1600 amps
  • -1800 amps
  • -2100 amps

These welcomed additions to the ASPYRE family allow you to power a wider range of automation and factory equipment with a common and capable expanded line of power controllers. Explore the other benefits of these new models and find out what you can expect from a smart, SCR based controller.

Additional line and load voltage selections

Our new ASPYRE DT not only offers improved amperage options but also line and load voltage improvements. Choose a controller with these dynamic voltage options to better match your heating product requirements:

  • -480 VAC
  • -600 VAC
  • -690 VAC

Choose single-phase or three-phase control options for your new controller.

The new ASPYRE DT models allow you to choose three-phase with two control legs or three-phase with three control legs for improved personalization. Compare each model to determine the best option for your application.

UL 508 certified solutions

Invest in a UL 508 certified temperature controller for your heating needs. Whether you’re working within a multinational corporation or a small-scale manufacturing facility, North American facilities require agency approval, ANSI/NFPA compliance and a UL 508 certification.

Our newest ASPYRE models are UL 508 certified and comply with the National Electric Code in most local areas. Always check with your local code standards to confirm that any power controllers are compliant with your specific application.

All ASPYRE DT controllers come with a three-year factory warranty. In addition to UL, RoHS, CE and W.E.E.E agency compliance, our controllers meet our own rigorous test standards. Invest in a controller that exceeds your expectations and can withstand your production line environment. Design engineers from a range of industries choose our controllers for their durability and accuracy.

Benefits of choosing ASPYRE DT

Invest in scalable power and temperature controllers to reach your long-term business plan. An ASPYRE DT power controller is a great option for small-scale manufacturing, but these latest models can also be scaled to match an extensive production facilities’ need. Here are a few key reasons why it pays to choose an smart, SCR based controller from the ASPYRE family.

Closed-loop temperature control

Heating applications require a broad range of electrical inputs and needs. Without an intelligent power controller damage can occur to your heater leading to costly repairs and downtime. System feedback that can be responded to by a smart controller enables the system to act prior to potential damage occurring. Choosing the ideal ASPYRE DT model that exceeds your amperage provides this type of closed-loop temperature control.

Closed loop control also prevents extreme temperature shifts and allows a more consistent delivery of heat. Not only can you enjoy improved application productivity, but an improved heater lifespan is also possible. Without accurate system feedback made possible through a closed-looped system, your heater is more susceptible to more frequent and rapid thermal cycling which contributes to premature heater life.

State-of-the-art integrated functions

OEMs engineers use SCR controllers in unique and varied applications. Here are just a few functions that come integrated with your new ASPYRE DT:

  • -Analog retransmitting
  • -Closed loop power
  • -Voltage sensing
  • -Current sensing
  • -Cooling fan
  • -USB port

A single, efficient controller reduces the complexity of your overall system design and limits the need for maintenance and repairs. ASPYRE DT’s simple installation process works well in a fast-paced industrial environment. Intelligent controlling features don’t require complex installation features.

Controller firing modes

Our advanced thermal products offer dynamic firing modes to work with your specific application. Enjoy easy access to dynamic control modes as you continue to scale your business and consider additional heaters and work pieces. Choose from this range of modes to fit your heater load and thermocouple:

  • -Zero cross
  • -Single cycle
  • -Burst firing
  • -Phase angle
  • -Delayed triggering

ASPYRE DT SCR controllers use smart algorithms to work effectively with silicon carbide, Nichrome, tungsten quartz and other heater options. Explore our heating products and controllers to discover how our products work together to give you industry-leading performance.

Wet heater bake out

Just like previous ASPYRE models, ASPYRE DT, offers a wet heater bake out feature. This feature is designed to protect heaters during start up by purging moisture from the heater prior to full power being applied. This great new feature highlights one more way our products work together to offer improved efficiency and reduced downtime in your facility.

Learn more about the newest ASPYRE DT models today

Enjoy the benefits of latest smart control technology with our newest ASPYRE DT models. To learn more about the intelligent features of our power and temperature controllers, contact us today. Use our product selector online tool to find state-of-the-art heating products to match your innovative power and temperature controller by Watlow.