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“Fossil fuels are a dead end,” according to U.N. Chief António Guterres, requesting an urgent transition to renewable energy. Industrial organizations can push decarbonization forward by shifting process heater systems from fossil fuel-burning to electric. A crucial step towards a carbon-neutral future is grasping the terminology, concepts and renewable energy solutions necessary to achieve it.

By Watlow | 15 Mar 2023

Data collection and logging is critical, for example, when it comes to troubleshooting: If there is an anomaly in the data, that can provide clues as to what went wrong, where, when and why. Watlow’s RMA PLUS™ is a simple solution that can provide flexible data logging capabilities, adding a level of transparency into your processes

09 Jan 2023
Tags:   Data Logging   RMA PLUS  

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are still the most widely used units for control and automation technology. Their versatility makes them suited for a wide variety of tasks. Dedicated proportional integral derivative (PID) controls, however, contain specialized algorithms, usually for the control of heat and temperature.

By Eric Ludwig, principal engineer, and Trevor Smith, staff engineer. | 14 Dec 2022

Devices within a thermal system can have different requirements when it comes to connection interfaces and protocols. Here's how the RMA PLUS design can help and give you installation flexibility that works even with systems that are not formerly compatible.

By Watlow | 18 Nov 2022
Tags:   RMA PLUS  

Blind spots in any industrial system can cost you money. Here’s where they most commonly occur in temperature sensing systems, and what you can do about it.

By Watlow | 18 Nov 2022

Closed loop temperature control is a system for precisely measuring and maintaining temperatures. Here’s why it is so important for critical industrial processes.

By Watlow | 07 Nov 2022

The Fourth Industrial Revolution might not last 80 years like the first one did. Still, the transition to smart factories will unfold over time, not all at once. Leaders in the Manufacturing 4.0 movement aim for progress, not perfection. Here are some early examples of the Industrial Internet of Things at work.

31 Aug 2022

In the past, thermal systems always had tradeoffs that often made the “ideal” system out of reach. Whether budgetary concerns limit the number of temperature sensors, tight space requirements limit the number of zones or the technology limits how precise and accurate heating systems are, these systems are often born of compromise. Watlow’s Adaptive Thermal Systems® (ATS™) are designed to provide companies with the tools to build the heating systems they need without forcing compromises.

09 Aug 2022

A first step in the abatement of waste of gases in semiconductor fabrication should be dilution with nitrogen gas. Watlow's FLUENT in-line heater, is thus an ideal way to add the appropriate amount of heated nitrogen gas, preventing condensate build-up and appropriately diluting hazardous gases

29 Jun 2022
Tags:   FLUENT®  

While some scrap is inevitable, bad runs are often due to "hidden" issues with thermal elements. Read more to discover if thermal issues are at the heart of your scrap problem.

24 Jun 2022
Tags:   White Paper  

Insulation resistance is a key parameter for any electric heater to operate safely. All Watlow® heaters undergo insulation resistance testing before leaving the manufacturing facilities. However, during shipping and storage, the mineral insulation (magnesium oxide or MgO) material used in metal sheath heaters can absorb moisture rendering the heater unusable until the moisture is purged from the heater.

16 May 2022

With a new, best-in-class user interface and enhanced performance, Watlow’s PM PLUS™ and PM LEGACY™ temperature and process controllers are the next right answer for new and existing thermal systems.

16 May 2022
Tags:   PM PLUS   EZ-ZONE PM  

The SERIES 5950 is a new generation of temperature transmitter that offers even more accurate and reliable temperature measurement, and also introduces a number of connectivity options that allow for more efficient, real-time data gathering process.

16 May 2022

All appliances have some form of power conversion. Generally speaking, electric heaters have been behind the curve when it comes to power conversion technology. Traditionally they are controlled by pulsing the power received, using what amounts to a rapid on/off switch. While this allows a heater to operate at a given set temperature, it is receiving the full voltage when turned on, which can cause damage over time in some cases. Watlow's innovative power conversion technology can smoothly adjust power up or down, as needed, which opens up possibilities for better heating and sensing in any array of specialized applications.

04 May 2022

A temperature control panel is essential for maximizing the performance and longevity of a thermal system, and proper installation is required to ensure safety, reliability and accuracy. If properly wired and installed, the control panel will help monitor and manage the heat output to maintain the top efficiency of your system.

29 Apr 2022