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Building Futures



Summer Camp attended: NSLC Engineering at U of H


We built catapults, trebuchets, windmills, RC cars, and sea perches. We also visited Minute Maid Park where we were given a tour about the engineering of the park. We also went to NASA and Kemah and had several guest speakers. 

My favorite part was getting to build the sea perch and catapults because we were given limited materials and unique rules, such as no talking, which forced us to be creative.

Arianna LeBlanc

Summer Camp attended: SLU'S Virtual Robotics Camp

Activities: The directors first introduced the importance and the different types of codes, then they walked us through the coding process with the Arduino program. We also put together a robot with the materials sent to us and tested the robot on a track. 

My favorite part of this camp was running the code from the computer program and seeing the robot function successfully. Overall, I found this camp to b enjoyable and informational


Jonathan Liu

Summer Camp attended: iDetch YouTube animations and Adobe class

Activities:The activities were making an image in Photoshop, a bouncing ball animation, and our final animated video. 

My favorite part was probably the Photoshop assignment. Overall I thought the class was fun and I learned a lot about animation and how to use the animations software. Thank you for offering this scholarship program as a way to let students learn more about engineering.

Kezia Lemke

Summer Camp attended: Tech ID Python and Machine Learning class


We learned about coding Python, created projects like a video game and a machine learning tool that could recognized images, and learned about cryptology.

My favorite part was learning how machine learning works and being able to create my own example of it


Zenessa Anderson

Team Member Spotlight 

 Lizzy Matejka

Product Engineer

I graduated from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and am pursuing my Master of Business Administration from University of Missouri-St. Louis. My role in Watlow as a product manager is to optimize the growth and profitability of a portfolio of products and support those products throughout their lifecycle. I've been involved in many different STEM programs at Watlow including the Summer Engineering Experience with Cor Jesu, the Spirit of Saint Louis Air Show, and Missouri Manufacturing Day.

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