Watlow® Announces Additional IECEx eb Ranges and Features

6/23/2021 12:00:00 AM


Advanced Technology Center

Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, announced today that it has a broader range of IEC SP-892 Ex eb certifications for its electric heat exchangers that operate in hazardous locations. IECEx is an international system for certification of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Its quality assessment specifications are based on standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Watlow will offer this improved level of safety through its recently renamed business unit – Watlow’s energy and environmental technologies business unit.

Watlow has offered the Ex e certification on their industry-leading process heaters for many years. The ‘eb’ suffix as compared to the ‘e’ suffix indicates the products meet the additional level of tests and safety in EN60079-7. The additional certifications offer a much larger range of heater sizes and additional installation orientations. Contact Watlow for a complete listing of all the new available ranges, features and capabilities.

“Our newest Ex eb ranges, features and capabilities will allow Watlow to continue developing thermal system solutions that best meet the needs of the energy and environmental technologies market,” said Dennis Long, Watlow’s director of global marketing, energy and environmental technologies business unit.

Watlow offers best in class electric heat exchangers including OPTIMAX®, which is ideal for pressure drop sensitive applications and the recently launched HELIMAX™ ultra-efficient heat exchanger featuring Continuous Helical Flow Technology™. Watlow also offers a full line of standard circulation and immersion heaters and most are available in five days or less. For more information on Watlow’s complete line of electric heat exchangers, please contact your Watlow sales representative.
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