Watlow® Acquires CRC Inc. of Santa Clara, CA

8/26/2020 12:00:00 AM


Advanced Technology Center

Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, is pleased to announce that it has acquired CRC (Component Re-engineering Company, Inc.) of Santa Clara, California. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Since 2002, CRC has designed, built and serviced wafer pedestals used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities all over the world. CRC’s unique high-temperature bonding and refurbishment technologies enable advanced ceramic pedestal and in-chamber solutions that complement the industry-leading thermal technologies developed by Watlow. Integrating CRC into Watlow’s business advances the company’s wafer pedestal solutions, which are essential for achieving the technological advances in the memory and logic segments of the semiconductor industry. Watlow will now have a full suite of wafer pedestal solutions from low to high temperatures and ranging from a single zone to 80 zones of control and beyond.
“Watlow is excited to invest in this innovative product portfolio and team,” said Peter Desloge, Watlow’s chairman and CEO. “We believe we are uniquely positioned to leverage CRC’s capabilities and through our collective efforts will continue to unlock high-performance solutions that will bring added value to our customers.”
Desloge continued, “Over the last several years we have completed strategic acquisitions, formed strategic partnerships and joint ventures, released dozens of new and custom products with many more planned for introduction. It is an exciting time for Watlow and our customers!”
“Watlow is investing aggressively right now, and it is our plan to continue,” added Rob Gilmore, chief operating officer. “While continuing to scan for good partners and acquisitions, we are also expanding our investments in Europe and Asia to ensure we can support and respond to our customers and markets globally.”
“We are very pleased to be joining the Watlow team,” said Brent Elliot, CRC CEO and cofounder. “Watlow is a known leader in the industry, and we have worked with them for many years. I believe that combining our strengths will open new opportunities and create value for our customers.”


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Watlow is a global technology and manufacturing leader that provides world class engineering expertise and innovative thermal products and systems that enable customers to thrive.


Watlow brings its experience to numerous industries, including semiconductor processing, environmental chambers, energy processes, diesel emissions, medical and foodservice equipment.


Since 1922, Watlow has grown in product capability, market experience and global reach. The company holds more than 980 patents and employs 2,000 employees working in nine manufacturing facilities and three technology centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow also has sales offices in 50 countries around the world. The company continues to grow, while the commitment remains the same – to provide its customers with superior products and services for their individual needs.