Watlow’s New Large and Extra Large WATCONNECT® Control Panels Maximize Process Uptime with a Small Footprint

6/12/2023 12:00:00 AM


Additionally, Watlow is offering an optional Data Insights Package on the large and extra-large panels allowing for remote review and analysis of the data collected by a data scientist and


thermal system expert. It also includes a comprehensive quarterly system report and engineer-to-engineer  collaborative touchpoints for system analysis.


“We are excited about our new WATCONNECT offering,” said Jeff Diestelmeier, vice president and general manager of the energy and environmental technologies business unit. “The panels include Watlow’s high-quality thermal components that are designed to work together to solve our customers’ demanding thermal applications.”


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About Watlow


Watlow is the leading global designer and manufacturer of complex thermal systems and solutions, and a technical partner of many of the world’s-leading companies. Watlow’s engineering expertise and innovative thermal products and systems enable our customers to thrive by offering solutions that can improve thermal performance and precision, reduce process downtime, cut operating costs and generate actionable data to improve process performance.


Our broad portfolio of solutions integrates heaters, temperature sensors, electronics and controls, high precision thermal bonding, data management and field services. We combine more than 100 years of engineering and production expertise with greater than 1,000 patents in the thermal domain to benefit customers across numerous industries like semiconductor processing, energy and environmental technologies, aerospace and defense, heat treatment, life sciences, medical devices, and clinical / analytical applications.


Founded in 1922 and headquartered in the U.S., Watlow employs about 4,500 team members around the world, with significant local design and manufacturing resources in each of North America, Europe and Asia.


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