Indirect Heat Exchanger Ideal for a Wide Range of Dry Gas Seal Applications

HYDROSAFE®, Watlow’s new indirect electric heat exchanger for dry gas seal applications, has been designed as a standardized thermal solution that minimizes custom engineering requirements because it can be adapted to a variety of conditions. The HYDROSAFE provides very flexible heating capabilities (12 to 31.2 kW) to compensate for changes in gas flow rates, or changes in gas composition, when interconnected to our purpose engineered WATCONNECT™ control panel. Multiple units may be connected in series for higher kW needs. The HYDROSAFE holds complete assembly hazardous certifications with a "touch-safe" exterior versus competitors that offer enclosure-only certifications. The seal gas is heated inside a small diameter seamless formed cylinder to allow for high system pressure capability requirements. In addition to high pressure capabilities, up to 6800 psi (469 bar) in the standard offering, the heater is up to 50 percent smaller than comparable circulation heaters. The empty weight of the HYDROSAFE heater is about 300 pounds (136 kgs) maximum. This small footprint and weight allow the user to reduce the cost of the supporting super structure on rigs, platforms, FPSOs, vessels, etc. Indirect technology means there is no concern about your seal gas stream ever coming into contact with the heating elements, especially when elements reach end-of-life conditions and are typically more susceptible to corrosion. The small diameter and low volume pressure boundary allow use in many countries without the need for further pressure vessel certifications. HYDROSAFE is extremely reliable and has been tested in both the Watlow lab and in the field. It also holds all necessary certifications including IECEx, ATEX, ASME and CSA/NRTL. The formed cylinder raw material is listed in accordance with NACE and ISO standards including MR 0175/ISO 15156/MR 0103.