Modular and Scalable Power Controllers Enable Increased Throughput and Yield While Reducing System Complexity

The ASPYRE® AT is a family of flexible, compact and scalable smart SCR power controllers. It features multiple advanced firing and control mode algorithms combined with sophisticated diagnostics. The ASPYRE AT integrates easily with EZ-ZONE® RM, PM PLUS® and RMA PLUS™ controllers as part of a Watlow® ecosystem solution.

Features and Benefits

Key component of a Watlow ecosystem solution

ASPYRE AT Integration Chart
  • Integrates with EZ-ZONE® RM, RMA PLUS™ and PM PLUS® controllers for a complete solution including Modbus® TCP, EtherNet/IP™, or EtherCAT® communication
  • Eliminates discrete wiring between temperature controllers and power controllers for each heater through the highspeed backplane interface with Watlow controllers
  • Enables data collection and diagnostics from the power controllers
  • Customizes for your application with programmable function blocks including logic, math, compare and more

High accuracy current and voltage measurement

  • Characterizes process performance
  • Supports comparing (fingerprinting) equipment operation

Integrated, scalable solution

  • Allows connection from the temperature control system at one point communicating with up to 16 power controllers
  • Offers greater than 60% reduction in wiring footprint and costs compared to other multi-zone systems
  • Eliminates need for current transformer and associated wiring with integrated current measurement 

Industry-leading design and serviceability

  • Offers a robust SCR design to meet a rugged industrial environment’s high quality and reliability needs
  • Enables fast troubleshooting by providing helpful thermal system diagnostics

100KA short circuit current rating (SCCR)

  • Enables greater protection in the event of a short circuit

c-UL® 508 Listed

  • Shortens project schedules, agency testing and expenses

Closed-loop control on: Voltage, current or power

  • Compensates for line voltage variations and thermal component tolerances (e.g. heater wattage, insulation variation, etc.)

Load firing modes: Zero-cross, burst fire, phase angle, soft start

  • Handles a wide range of load types
  • Protects and extends the life of connected loads

Open heater and shorted SCR indication

  • Minimizes production downtime with easy to understand, intelligent, troubleshooting diagnostics

Integrated USB for configuration

  • Easily and safely program configuration settings with electronics powered through USB connection
  • Eliminates a user from having to work in a high voltage, hazardous environment. High voltage to controller or system panel can be turned off while setting controller configuration

Heater bakeout

  • Protects heater on startup
  • Eliminates labor and time associated with checking for wet heaters

Cooling options

  • Integrates DIN-rail mountable heat sink option for simplifying implementation
  • Offers base plate option for flexibility in removing heat from the electrical box

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Firmware Update

Check version of firmware currently running in your ASPYRE DT power controller to select the correct firmware update. See “Updating the Firmware” in the user guide for your model for instructions on how to update the firmware.

If your firmware version is 1.14.0 or later, update to the version with the same final digit as your version.

If your firmware version is below 1.14.0, contact technical support.