Recommended replacement: F4T® Temperature and Process Controller

Important Dates: 

  • Last time buy: May 31, 2024
  • Last time ship: December 31, 2024
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Recommended replacement: F4T® Temperature and Process Controller

Important Dates: 

  • Last time buy: May 31, 2024
  • Last time ship: December 31, 2024

The D4T with INTUITION® data logger from Watlow® offers a data logger with a wide range of field removable I/O modules for maximum design flexibility - allowing users to only pay for what they need. Configurations can be custom tailored to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The D4T data logger also features a 4.3 inch, color, graphical touch panel. Combining power, flexibility and functionality, this new data logger offers unmatched versatility, and its best-in-class ease of use could very well make user manuals a thing of the past.

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