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Our thermal management solutions are focused on small to mid-size engines and high horsepower engines where ample electrical power is available to create and direct heat were is needed most; within the aftertreatment system. These solutions enable the diesel engine OEM to optimize the engine's performance for fuel efficiency, and provide a path to avoid or eliminate EGR and use a less complex turbocharger. Diesel engines of all sizes driving gensets, rail, marine, construction, agriculture and medium and heavy-duty vehicles have leveraged our technology.


Aftertreatment Systems for Diesel Engines

  • Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  • Gensets
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
Important Thermal Considerations
  • System Design
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Regulations (CARB 24, Euro 7, US 27)

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Diesel After-Treatment Systems

Diesel after-treatment system used on- off-road engines by a world leader in manufacturing of farm, forestry and construction equipment.

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