Promoting Positive Work Culture and Acting Socially Responsible

We realize that for our team members to perform at their best, our work culture needs to be a constructive environment where all team members can contribute in meaningful ways. We track our progress through:

  • Cultural inventory and organizational effectiveness inventory scoring tools
  • Team member training programs
  • Team building initiatives
  • Recognizing and rewarding team members whose behaviors are consistent with our values
  • Programs such as the “Team Member Cares” program provide short term emergency support to Watlow team members facing significant hardship because of an unforeseen, unpreventable circumstance or catastrophe


At Watlow, we embrace diversity as an integral part of who we are as a company, how we operate, and how we see our future. We diligently provide all our team members with equal access to information, resources, personal development, job growth, and opportunities.

  • “Women of Watlow” creates and provides opportunities for team members to talk about personal growth and development ideas, build community and connect with others outside of their normal circles
  • The Cor Jesu/Watlow Partnership supports women in secondary school with an interest in engineering through scholarships, mentorships, and internships

Giving Back

Watlow’s 501(c)(3) charitable arm, the Enriching Lives Foundation, achieves its purpose by enriching lives in our local communities while empowering team members through charitable giving, personal engagement and the inspiration of future generations of technical talent.

Solar Panel

Watlow enables the world’s leading companies to achieve net-zero emissions

Watlow's Energy and Environmental Technologies business unit is supplying solutions that support our customers’ aim in reducing their carbon footprints while making energy processes more affordable, available and green.