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True North 

At Watlow, our True North guides our efforts to help our customers succeed and our team members and communities be their best while ensuring Watlow's long-term health through the never-ending pursuit of perfection. 


Core Values 

Do what is right

At Watlow, we rely on and expect all team members to always conduct business honestly and ethically, giving our personal best in everything we do.

Always learning and improving

We bring our individual experiences to the table, learning from each other and increasing our ability to solve complex problems.

Respect everyone

At Watlow, we value all team members as whole, capable, creative and resourceful human beings.

Leading with service and humility

The key to inspiration and innovation begins with serving both team members and customers.

At Watlow, our pride and confidence stems from thrilling our customers with our products and the Watlow experience. This takes innovation, creativity and responsibility and we are energized by performing with purpose, mastery and autonomy. Wherever thermal is critical, Watlow is ready to meet the most demanding challenges.


Watlow Way Leadership 

At Watlow, we are all leaders, whether it is leading a department, indirectly leading a team, leading a process or even leading others toward the Watlow Way True North. We know that achieving our strategy will not happen without leadership.


The Watlow Way Leadership Profile is a companion to The Watlow Way and is intended to describe what leaders do, what leaders support, how leaders act and how these things are based on a constructive culture.