Eurotherm® joins Watlow®

Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of complete industrial thermal systems, is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Eurotherm® from Schneider Electric Company®, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, on October 31, 2022.

The combination of Watlow and Eurotherm products and technologies will create new global opportunities for our collective customers and allow us to focus our advanced thermal systems in important areas

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New Ceramic Technoloy Center St. Louis

New Ceramic Technology Center in St. Louis for Advanced Thermal Management Solution

Watlow® launches a new Ceramic Technology Center in St. Louis, focused on developing innovative material solutions for thermal management systems across various industries.

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Thermal Loop System

Thermal Loop Systems

Heat treatment processes are a crucial component of many manufacturing processes, and thermal loop solutions have become increasingly popular for achieving improved temperature control and consistent outcomes. But many OEMs are missing opportunities where thermal loop solutions offer more than just greater control. In this article by Engineer Live Magazine, Peter Sherwin and Thomas Rücker, explore the possibilities of thermal loop solutions

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New WATCONNECT® L/XL Control Panels

WATCONNECT® L/XL Control Panel is an efficient thermal process solution that improves uptime and productivity

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