Announcement: Eurotherm® Joins Watlow® - Read Press Release

Eurotherm® joins Watlow®

Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of complete industrial thermal systems, is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Eurotherm® from Schneider Electric Company®, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, on October 31, 2022.

The combination of Watlow and Eurotherm products and technologies will create new global opportunities for our collective customers and allow us to focus our advanced thermal systems in important areas

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Watlow® Helps Raven SR Bring the Dream of Green Energy

Raven SR,  is well in its way to becoming a game-changing company offering tecnology that can help save the environment and boost energy independence.

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Watlow® Opens New Facility in Cebu, Philippines

Watlow is excited to announce the grand opening of its new facility in Cebu, Philippines. The new facility will serve the growing needs of Watlow's Asia Pacific customers.

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Electric Process Heaters Help Decarbonize Petrochemical Refining

Explore how electric heaters are providing improved performance that petrochemical engineers have come to expect form fossil fuel powered heaters. 

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Raven Chooses Watlow® for New Hydrogen Steam\CO2 Reformer

The SR2 reformer utilizes Watlow's zero-emissions electric eater technology to power Raven's reductive chemical reaction, which eliminates combustion and is, therefore, a much cleaner process that converts all feedstock into fuel rather than incinerating it. Read more

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Hydrocarbon Engineering Spotlight with Watlow

Dennis Long, Chief System Designer for the Energy and Environmental Technologies business unit at Watlow, was invited to Hydrocarbon Engineering spotlight. to talk about our recent article, "Can electric pull its weight?" Find out more

Graciela Moreno

Credit and Collection Analyst I am proud to be part of Watlow Mexico, because since my beginnings 15 years ago, it has enabled me to develop in both professional and personal areas, and I have witnessed the transformation that it is today. During these years I have worked in different areas where I have known the business more intimately; and based on my knowledge and experience I have not only achieved my personal goals, but I have also contributed to the success of the business. 


Diversity Month

Throughout Diversity Month, Watlow team members are sharing quotes about what diversity means to them. Team members Bekki, Brianne, and Monica shared their thoughts with us. 

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Diversity Month

At Watlow we celebrate and recognize our unique backgrounds, cultures and traditions while growing and learning. Celebrating our differences makes us stronger. April is Diversity Month, a time for people to gather a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other and their differences. find out more 

Achieving Temperature Uniformity in Gas Line Heating Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Traditional gas line heating systems fail to offer sufficient thermal data and heating control. Watlow's STREAMLINE™ thermal system with ATS™ technology is an innovative solution. Read more

HEATCON­­® Composite Systems announces strategic distribution relationship with Watlow®

HEATCON­­® Composite Systems recently entered into an expanded distributor agreement with Watlow®, leading designer and manufacturer of industrial technology and thermal solutions, to provide standard products, services and thermal systems to the aerospace industry. Read more

A Fresh Look at Accelerating Electrification and the Role the Thermal Plays

The goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement are now playing out, with companies and governments making drastic changes to hit its ambitious targets.

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Working Remotely with Watlow Tools

Watlow SELECT® products continue to ship in five days or less.

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STEM: Building Futures

Building Futures works with the St. Louis youth community teaching and building skills, through STEM project-based learning. They introduce students to career opportunities during their most formative years.

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Watlow continues to operate through these unprecedented times by meeting the needs of our customers and keeping the health and safety of our team members our top priorities guiding all decisions. If you have questions about how the pandemic is impacting Watlow please contact your Watlow representative.

Zenessa Anderson

Tech ID Python and Machine Learning class

What were the activities?

We learned about coding in Python, created projects like a video game and a machine learning tool that could recognize images, and learned about cryptology.

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was learning how machine learning works and being able to create my own example of it.