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Cartridge / Insertion Heaters 

Watlow designed and manufactured the first swaged cartridge heater and revolutionized the heating element industry.

With premium materials and tight manufacturing controls, Watlow's cartridge heaters (insertion heaters) provide superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion and long life even at high temperatures. Customers benefit from Watlow's custom designs, on-time delivery, quality and technical assistance.

Product Material  Maximum Operating Temperatures  Maximum Watt Densities 
°F °C W/in2 W/cm2
FIREROD Cartridge Heaters FIREROD® Cartridge Heaters Alloy 800   1400   760   400   62 
Stainless steel   1000   538   400   62 
1/8" FIREROD® Cartridge Heater              
High Temperature FIREROD Heaters High-Temperature FIREROD Platen   1800   982   100   15.5 
FIREROD Metric Heaters Metric FIREROD Cartridge Heaters Alloy 800   1400   760   330   50 
MULTICELL Insertion Heaters MULTICELL™ Insertion Heaters Alloy 800   2050   1120   30   4.6 

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