Silicone Rubber Heaters

Improve Heat Transfer, Speed Warm Ups and Decrease Wattage Requirements

Watlow silicone rubber heaters are rugged, yet thin, lightweight and flexible. Use of these heaters is limited only by the imagination. Heat can be put where it is needed. These silicone heaters improve heat transfer, speed warm ups, and decrease wattage requirements.

Fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility. Because very little material separates the element from the part, heat transfer is rapid and efficient. The silicone rubber heaters are constructed with a wire-wound element or an etched foil element. The heater construction creates a very thin heater allowing it to fit applications where space is limited.

Features & Benefits

Designed to the exact shape and size needed which conforms to the component and/or equipment

More than 80 designs available immediately from stock reduces downtime

Constructed with wire-wound or etched foil elements provides the desired flexibility for many dynamic applications and delivers low mass and easily repeatable distributed watt densities

Moisture and chemical-resistant silicone rubber material provides longer heater life

Vulcanizing adhesives or fasteners allows heaters to be easily bonded to parts


Maximum Operating Temperatures
Maximum Watt Densities
Silicone Rubber 500 260 80 12.5

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Quality Certificates

DQS - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH

DQS - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH English

IQNet - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH

ISO 90012008 Certificate - Columbia

ISO 90012008 Certificate Singapore