EZ-ZONE® RM High-Density Limit

High-Density Modules Which Integrate Temperature, Process, Limit and Power Control from 1 to 152 Loops

The EZ-ZONEĀ®RM high-density limit module used in conjunction with the EZ-ZONE RM temperature control module and high-density control module offer agency approved over and under temperature limit function to ensure system safety. The EZ-ZONE RM high-density limit controls 4, 8, or 12 limit loops per module or up to 192 limit loops per system.

Features & Benefits

4 to 192 loop limit controller saves engineering time and labor costs while shortening project schedules

Eliminates compatability issues often encountered with using many different discrete components and brands

SPLIT-RAIL control minimizes the length and cost of wire runs and improves system reliability by locating inputs closer to sensors and outputs closer to loads

Sensor guard prevents unplanned process shutdowns and product loss by switching to a backup sensor if the primary sensor fails

Auto-clone saves time and reduces complexity by automatically configuring a new module with the same parameter settings as the replaced module


Description Information
Control/Limit Loops 192
Max Monitor Channels 192
Alarms 24 (per module)
Mounting DIN-rail
Profiling No
Max Output 5A
Ambient Operating Range -18 to 65°C (0 to 149°F)
Agency Approvals UL® , CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E. FM, SEMI F47-0200
Communication Protocols Modbus® RTU, Standard Bus
TRU-TUNE®+ Adaptive Control No
Remote Limit Reset No
Display Height Optional RUI: 0.84 in. (21 mm)
Warranty (Years) 3

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