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Operator Interfaces 

Watlow offers operator interfaces to give users an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable interface to machines and systems. The Silver Series EM touchscreen operator interface terminal (OIT) is available in three sizes (4.3, 7 and 10 inch diagonal display sizes). It supports a full set of features including serial and Ethernet communications with multiple controllers, e-mail messaging, unversal serial bus (USB host), data logging, flexible password security and multiple languages.The EZ-ZONE RUI remote user interface features shallow panel depth allowing it to fit small spaces, the P3T armor sealing system and programmable EZ-Key, enabling simple one-touch operation of repetitive user activities. The EZ-ZONE RUI's industrial communications option adds connectivity from a network of EZ-ZONE products to other automation equipment, instrumentation and computer software via DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus® RTU, Modbus®TCP or PROFIBUS. These operator interfaces paired with Watlow controllers are the perfect solution for your industrial process or machine control application.

Product Description Communication Protocols Display Height
Silver Series EM Rugged, e-mail ready, touchscreen operator interface terminal Ethernet, Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP 4.3, 7 or 10 in. diagonal
Silver Series Rugged, touchscreen operator interface terminal Ethernet, Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP 7 in. diagonal
EZ-ZONE RUI Gateway EZ-ZONE® RUI and Gateway Remote user interface and communications gateway. Moisture resistant. Standard Bus, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus® TCP, Modbus® RTU Upper: 0.40 in. (10mm) Lower: 0.24 in. (6mm)