FIREROD® Cartridge Heaters

FIREROD Cartridge Heaters are the Premier Choice in Swaged Cartridge Heating

The FIREROD cartridge heater revolutionized the heating element industry in 1954 when it was patented as the first swaged cartridge heater. The mechanical procedure of swaging reduces the diameter of the heater by compacting the unit; this directly improves the heat transfer and efficiency of the heater.

FIREROD cartridge heaters are built using only the finest materials and construction methods and are backed with extensive quality assurance programs. With premium materials and tight manufacturing controls, the FIREROD heater provides superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion and a long life even at high temperatures.

FIREROD offers many delivery programs to meet your needs.

Features & Benefits

Nickel chromium resistance wire ensures even, efficient distribution of heat to sheath

Magnesium oxide insulation of specific grain and purity results in high dielectric strength and faster heat-up

Alloy 800 sheath resists oxidation and corrosion from many chemicals, heat and atmospheres

Minimal spacing between element wire and sheath results in lower internal temperatures and accommodates design with fewer or smaller heaters

UL® and CSA approved flexible stranded wires with lead insulation rated to temperatures of 480°F (250°C)

Patented lead adapter (LA) method

Allows same day shipment on more than 150,000 configurations of stock FIREROD heaters and lead combinations

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certified

Provides confidence that quality and reliability expectations are met

Conductor pins

Provides a metallurgical bond to the resistance wire and ensures trouble-free electrical connection


Maximum Operating Temperatures
Maximum Watt Densities
Alloy 800 1400 760 400 62
Stainless Steel 1000 538 400 62

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Quality Certificates

DQS - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH

DQS - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH English

IQNet - ISO 9001 2008 - Watlow GmbH

ISO 90012008 Certificate Singapore

ISO 90012008 Exp 2018 St Louis